Eau Claire Soda Company is proud to present Alberta’s first locally produced craft tonic water.

Eau Claire Distillery is excited to announce the launch of Eau Claire Soda Company and the release of their Original and Elderflower hand-crafted tonic water! Much like Eau Claire Distillery, Eau Claire Soda Company was born out of a passion for quality and taste.

Devoted to hand-crafted, artisanal and local craft tonic water, Eau Claire Soda Company is Alberta’s first craft tonic water producer located in Turner Valley, Alberta. Eau Claire Distillery’s spirits received international accolades and won awards around the world, making it recognized as one of the top craft distilleries in the industry. Along the journey, we realized that a premium spirit needed to be paired with a premium mix, tonic or soda of equal quality, or the taste was masked by too much sugar and flavouring of the mix.


“When you sell an award-winning Gin, you know that a lot of Gin and Tonics result. We wanted to develop a Tonic water that we felt was of the quality and taste to stand by our gin and beyond.”

– Eau Claire Distillery President and Founder, David Farran.

Eau Claire Distillery started small batch producing distilled spirits as the first craft distillery in Alberta. Seeing a need in the market for premium Canadian tonics and sodas to pair perfectly with premium spirits. Eau Claire Soda Company’s Tonic is made without any artificial flavours and contains 60% less sugar and calories than many of leading tonic brands currently on the market. Balancing the tartness of the quinine with the refined sweetness of Alberta beet sugar.

“We set out to make recipes that went back to traditional craft, and away from the mainstream brands that dominate the drink mix and soda world.”

– Eau Claire Distillery President and Founder, David Farran.

Eau Claire Soda Company is committed to making craft tonic waters and sodas that amaze, astonish and impress with their robust flavour and delicate taste. Thus, Eau Claire Soda Company was born.

Look for more Eau Claire Soda Company tonic water flavours coming soon! Or tell us your favourite flavour.